Scum Villain Does Not Date

My first videogame, Scum Villain Does Not Date, is a visual novel “dating sim” game built on Ren’Py for PC and Mac, loosely inspired by the Chinese webnovel “Scum Villain Self-Saving System” written by MXTX. Character art, writing and coding by myself, with music, backgrounds and special effects from various creative commons resources.

    • Rated T for 15 and up; contains strong language, mature/sensitive topics
    • Available to download for PC and Mac below
    • Features 11 endings, with up to 15 total endings in future DLCs
    • Unlock the secret ending, a CG gallery and music room!
    • No cost! Absolutely free! $0.00 to play!
    • Web-based demo at below or at this link here!

Download for Mac    Download for PC

Download for Mac (50.85 MB)    ||    Download for PC (68.27 MB)

Directions: right click and download the zip file to your harddrive. Unzip file into a folder. Open the scumvillain 2.3 folder (contents/MacOS on mac) and doubleclick the .exe file to start the game in its own window.

As this is my first game, please feel free to email me if there are any bugs or issues playing!

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(If you would like to donate, I do have a ko-fi here, but again, only if you want. If you do donate any amount and would like, I will mail you a free merch pack including buttons and stickers.)