[fanart] February 2024 bullet journal monthly layout

11 days into February and here is February’s layout lol. I did a few days of February within January’s, so I started all of my work for February later, and was also busy preparing for Lunar New Year the last week so I didn’t get the energy to finish until now. But here it is!

February bullet journal layout for February 2024 featuring a red and gold dragon sticker, Chinese-themed washi tape, and my drawing of Macrophage from Cells at Work manga/anime, with bloody knife and medical themed washi tape and both pages decorated with fanmade stickers I got
[ink, marker, colored pencil, 2024]
February is usually devoted to a few themes: Valentine’s, Lunar New Year if you’re Asian, or Black History Month if you are black in America. I didn’t want to be stereotypical for Asians and don’t have any particular enthusiasm for Valentine’s or Single’s Awareness Day and also not black, so I composed a layout based on the franchise I have a lot of stickers and related washi tape of, Cells at Work! Then I randomly found this red tiger washi tape with Chinese motifs at a Daiso and decided to use the red dragon sticker I got as a complimentary gift from a recent online merch order from noisywyvern for one of the pages because a dragon will not be relevant for another 12 years and I wouldn’t be able to use it any other month either lol. Actually the previous year is the year of the rabbit (or cat in Vietnam) so this tiger tape must be an old stock from the year before, but uhh I’m Vietnamese so cats are related to tigers, yeah, that’s my reasoning.

Of course I had to use a lot of red, as red is the lucky color for Asian countries celebrations, and also represents love and passion for Valentine’s. While Macrophage, my favorite Cells at Work character whom I cosplayed here, doesn’t wear red, she does show up often covered in red liquid if you know what I mean (I mean blood). So I drew Macrophage for my traditional artwork of the month, holding her butcher knife and a slice of watermelon, to represent Asians cutting fruit to show their love, but also to show my ongoing support for ceasefire for the people of Palestine who use watermelon as a symbol of their country. The knife is not bloodied from killing humans by the way, it’s from killing viruses and bacteria in case you’re not aware of what the series is about and think I advocate for murder. The related red foil medical washi tape is also from shattered-earth I believe, and the bloody knife washi tape I don’t remember, I suppose I might be able to find out but so far I haven’t. The stickers were included with the Cells at Work fanzine and the actual cells stickers I got from an artist at the local art market. This was not my best drawing (very few of my traditional inked artworks are to be honest), the alcohol markers and blender seem to not be functioning well after gathering dust lol, and the layout is just as gaudy as last month, but overall, this is a cute concept and I got to use these washi tapes and stickers that would never be used otherwise. Win-win situation!

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