[journal] 2024 Bullet Journal layouts!

I was gonna write a blog about my bullet journal then felt silly writing about writing lol. So here are photos (and copy-pasted captions from Twitter because I’m working smarter not harder)! I’m using Overwatch Genji blank journal from ohmonah along with Overwatch stickers and washi tape from dilfosaur, rokudo, shattered-earth (& artist I forgot but I know I follow them) plus Al-Haitham postit from the Genshin Tevyat Goods pop-up, who is not a ninja but he’s green like Genji and uhh autistic-coded like Hanzo.

I will not be making this an Overwatch bullet journal lol, I just happen to have a ton of Overwatch washi tape and ninja stationary decided to start off strong since it’s the year of the Dragon and Genji and Hanzo are dragon brothers. Below is the inside cover and task/goal pages with really bad handwriting typical of artists. I also made a tiny letter for my future self in the origami envelope. The postit is Genji but the Animal Crossing ninja bunny (which is basically the same as Overwatch Genji lol) made by haiyun.

My January cover page/spread! Featuring Hanzo “Enter the Dragon” Shimada as Genji’s brother/murderer. My goal was to use the beautiful foil washi tape (of Hanzo’s dragon and lightning motif) on my crappy drawing. Hey, at least I used traditional media for once. Also used washi tape of ramen (the Shimada’s favorite food) for the background, made by the same artist, shattered-earth. And these cute and funny Daiso ninja stickers!

I only came up with this bullet journal idea because I finished my One Piece planner for 2023 but didn’t have a new weeb planner for 2024 (at least I didn’t see any preorders on my following list). I had a few blank journals lying around to use and decided to use the Genji one since it had its own bookmark and back pocket and rubber band like the One Piece planner, then realized it was the year of the dragon which was perfect for Genji. I’m a genius! I looked up videos on youtube for inspiration, but I don’t have the time nor energy to do creative aesthetic layouts or go deep into productivity. I am exclusively using this as a diary, to jot weekly tasks, and to make sure I get one monthly art done but this time traditional media. There you have it!

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