gongyi xiao from my Scum Villain Does Not Date game

[animation video] PNGtuber using Veadotube

I recently bought a bundle of games from Itch.io with proceeds going to Palestine. As it turns out, most of the games are either resources or manuals for tabletop RPG such as LARP and Dungeons and Dragons style games. While I was super interested in the concept back in high school, my friends and I never really played a session and the one session I did attend later, I discovered it was not really my style after all, as there was a lot of keeping track of stuff in your head that I am too stupid and ADHD for, and math, and requires at least 2 friends whom you can meet up with consistently. All stuff I cannot do now I have long graduated and work full-time.

But I did have another thing saved in my itch.io library that I don’t remember saving (see, ADHD evidence right there), and that was Veadotube which is a free pngtuber creator. So I used the character png files from my video game that was the whole purpose of this site’s creation to make a quick and simple pngtuber avatar that responds to talking (or loud noises I guess), and has 2 other expressions that turn on with hotkeys. That’s the limit of my knowledge about pngtubers, but at least it’s complete. Unlike the videogame the character came from lol.

Anyway here is the demo, Gongyi Xiao is in the bottom right corner. Liu Mingyan is in clipstudio, I was thinking about updating the image for my user icon, but… I forgot what I was doing and closed out without saving… Smooth brain I know.

As for the program, it’s super simple to use and the faq on the itch.io site would cover any question you might have about the user interface and possible bugs. Basically, you need to upload a closed mouth image of your avatar that is transparent, and if wanted, a blinking image, an open mouth image, and blinking open mouth image (also all transparent). You can set simple motions to the closed mouth and open mouth avatars, and add other states with hotkeys and simple motions to those as well. Super easy. This seems to be the mid-level of complexity, with the higher complexity pngtubers having layers of clothes and accessories that appear/move separately from the base body layer, although I am no expert and only did like 1 hour of research because I ain’t got the spoons to spare with the world actively dying.

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