[original art] October 2023 artwork – original character

procreate CG painting of a green-haired elf fairy
[CG, 2023]
Technically finished in October in Pacific Standard time lol, but I forgot how to use my Ipad and didn’t know how to upload this before November started. I drew on the Ipad because I was, of course, waiting for kids to drop by for trick or treat on Halloween and didn’t want to work on my PC not near the door. October is also Original Character month for me, OC-tober, get it? I just love drawing original concepts after anime con season is over, not that I was really selling at cons but it’s the feeling in the air. This time I doodled a green fairy, if I had not procrastinated so much, I would rework this lovely creature to something like an absinthe fairy but anime style.

Sorry for failing to finish an artwork before the end of the month yet again, I had been busy with October events and Halloween costume, but my Mona Lisa costume technically included fine art painting for the backdrop so that counts as on time, right? Right…

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