Xinyan Genshin Impact themed Razer PC setup

[home decor] autumn 2023 PC setup – Xinyan Genshin Impact theme!

Welcome to my first PC setup post on this site! Near the end of fall I finally got around to setting up my fall PC gamer hag setup lol. I have my reasons, first of which, I didn’t really gather enough merch of any other character to do an entire setup until October, and the few I had a decent amount of were not really autumnal in color or feeling. But I just did a bunch of Liyue quests in Genshin and some Genshin fanmerch came in this week so I finally was inspired to get off my lazy butt to put this together. I know I said that every PC setup I did was my favorite, but this is for real my favorite so far (until the next one lol).

Xinyan Genshin Impact themed Razer PC setup
[PC setup, 2023]
I somehow managed to track down some large fanart prints of Xinyan from Etsy and Twitter and local conventions, which is the basis of my setups, and while I didn’t have a plush of her (doubt one will ever be made unless it was a custom doll), I was able to use her acrylic standee in the plushie’s place of honor. I also put up her 2022 concert merch including her light stick. I have 3 whole acrylic fanart charms, an omamori charm and 2 official merch of her emojis in badge and charm form plus a random shaker emoji charm that may not be official. I filled out the rest of the space with Genshin fanart sticker sheets, although only one sheet had Xinyan and the rest were just cute or Liyue themed, and stickers of Zhongli and Hu Tao. Off to the side is a Flareon with poppies print because I have all of the Eevee evolutions for each season lol, and a print of a cottagecore girl surrounded by warm-toned framed art, and a demonic Beijing opera singer (to represent Yunjin, a friend of Xinyan, but spooky). Also barelv visible are some pins of demon masks (because Xinyan is described as demonlike by the locals) and spider lily. I brought out the spooky haunted house lantern and candles from last year, but I wanted to point out the boba candle by the Gingko project which is so very on theme with Liyue or Chinese-inspired culture. As usual, I included a matching mug and saucer, the Guoba set I bought at the Teyvat Goods pop up shop, Guoba being associated with Xiangling, another Liyue pyro vision user. But I think what really pulls this setup together are the florals. I brought out all of the red, orange and yellow flowers I had for a fire color scheme, specifically the flowers that remind me of fall, such as spider lily, poppy and red maple leaves. My favorite has to be the various autumn color leaves from Daiso that included gingko leaves, very Liyue branded.

Here’s a photo with the lights on so you can actually see the merch lol. Xinyan’s birthday is in October, so she is perfect for this month’s theme!

fall Xinyan Genshin Impact PC setup with Razer items
[PC setup, 2023]
You might notice two new pink PC accessories in this photo. I bought a cute pink/white controller to play Steam games (the keyboard was too frustrating for certain games) and it has little pawprint buttons! And also a My Melody wireless mouse, but it’s not as good as my Razer Genshin mouse and doesn’t light up, so I’m still using the old mouse. And just to change things up, I replaced the two older pig artworks with a new pig print (I’m year of the Boar, gotta represent), and the previous Minori flower postcards with poppy and dahlia from her set.

I love this setup so much and other than adding the last few bits of Xinyan merch I’ve had my eye on that I could find because she’s really unpopular haha, I’m super happy.  If I had to change something, well, I would get an entirely new computer lol. This PC was made in 2014 or thereabouts and I already had to replace the power source that burnt out and add new RAM. Everything else still works well enough for my use, I do have to play Genshin at low visual quality but honestly if I played games at high visual quality I would puke, so it’s actually fine. Still, after 10 years, the processing of my computer is completely outdated and probably not very secure, so I am saving funds to get an entirely new PC and monitor, maybe built on my own but more likely built by someone else as I’m not tech savvy. Also this isn’t the greatest layout for a PC and drawing tablet but there is no other way to set up anything in this office space without hitting my head on the cabinets or banging my leg on the wall or awkwardly looking at the kitchen. Finally, if I could, I want to get everything all in pink – pink tower, pink monitor, pink speakers, all pink deskmat that still lights up (not grey). On the other hand, I don’t want to change my Genshin mouse and it’s navy blue, so having dark monitors and speakers would tie in with the mouse especially against the bright bubble-gum pink Razer stuff. Still debating colors, so that’s why I haven’t upgraded anything yet. Next year, though…

Below is the video link on instagram if you wanted to see the spooky lights in action and uhh listen to Wagakki Band. As always, feel free to comment if you want to know sources for my stuff or have any comments about upgrading PCs.

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