photo of pink Razr themed PC setup this time with Kaeya merch from Genshin Impact.

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I don’t know if anyone is interested in home/office/decor/organization/garden topics besides me, but that’s what my site is for, isn’t it? Whatever I want to talk about! I’ve always had an interest in decor, but didn’t get to really indulge any of that desire until the pandemic started and I could really justify staying at home long enough to decorate it. However, I’m also a messy and lazy person who’s not good at keeping plants alive, so it really wasn’t until 2 years after the pandemic that I finally worked on my home spaces enough to post photos online. Feel free to skip anything tagged [decor] in the future if you want, but I don’t think I will post too much more nowadays, we’ll see.

Here is a collection of links from previous posts about home and related stuff.

1. Style/aesthetic home decor journey blog: I used my old dreamwidth fandom account (you can still see the fanart if you go back several entries lol) to document the work I’ve done for my home, just because I still had the account and didn’t feel like blogging about it on my other single topic blogs or my tumblr. I go into detail room by room of my plans to clean, reorganize, decorate and repair. I also jot down decor ideas from pinterest and youtube and other influences that I want to incorporate as a sort of reminder or accountability report. I don’t post as much on there these days because I’m in the maintaining stage, but it’s fun to look at my posts over the months.

2. Aesthetic Weeb Bedroom Tour video: Here is the video I made in March 2023 of my transformed bedroom from nasty garbage dump to maximalist weebcore cove, this is one of the recent entries of my home blog and the entry before that explains the vision I was going for. I hesitated for the longest time to go all out because visual clutter especially in the bedroom is distracting, but also, where else can I look at all of my pretty shiny knickknacks other than in my bedroom? I’m so glad I went through with it, now if I can clean up the floor of trash again, that would be great lol.

3. Rate my PC gamer hag setup instagram posts: I did 4 setups in 2022, one for each season. Another one of my favorite decor projects, utilizing even more of my cute merch and artwork from independent artists and the numerous fake flowers I’ve bought. This was not sponsored by Razer, but I was taken by the idea of a cute Sanrio pink setup from online influencers and I bought a set of Razer stuff, including a Genshin gaming mouse and Sanrio gaming chair and backrest. Each photo will link to the corresponding instagram post for more details or the reel video version.

First off is spring with Inosuke Hashibira from Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer… and My Melody and Kaeya for some reason, what, it was my first setup.

2 photos of a pink themed Razr PC setup with merch of Inosuke from Kimetsu no Yaiba anime
[2022 PC setup]
Next is summer with Momotarou Mikoshiba from Free! Eternal Summer anime! This time I had more of a design in mind and used bright orange and yellow colors and tropical foliage (leftover decorations from a jungle-themed baby shower).

2 photos of pink Razr themed PC setup this time with merch from the Free! anime starring Momotarou Mikoshiba
[2022 PC setup]
Then of course autumn with Jiang Cheng from Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (anime and live action). I was able to incorporate spooky Halloween vibes with Jiang Cheng’s bold purple colors and general sadness.

one photo of pink Razr themed PC setup with Jiang Cheng and spooky purple halloween decor pieces
[2022 PC setup]
Finally, winter with Kaeya Alberich from Genshin Impact, with some artwork of other videogames that had similar colors of blue and gold and white and a touch of red because I hadn’t bought that much Kaeya stuff yet.

photo of pink Razr themed PC setup this time with Kaeya merch from Genshin Impact.
[2022, PC setup]
This year I have really only done a spring PC setup for France, because I had just enough merch and fanart and also a lot of flowers that are French in nature, like lavender and roses and lilies and orchids. One of my favorites so far to be honest. If I could change anything about these setups, I would include my pink mouse (but it’s not as good as my Genshin mouse of course) and maybe buy a prettier deskmat (but I like the coordinated led lighting with the Razer one).

pink themed Razer PC setup for spring 2023 based on France and Hetalia Francis Bonnefoy
[PC setup, 2023]
I didn’t have enough decor for a summer setup, but I will try to get a spooky Halloween setup and maybe a more generic winter setup in December, the problem is I’ve used up all of my major fandom merch already, lol.

What’s coming up in the future for home decor related posts here? Well, I recently did the second of this year’s declutterings of my wardrobe, and I hope to finish the decorations and lighting soon so I can take photos of my closet (not that aesthetic but still satisfying to me who uses it daily). I am also practicing painting a mural in my watercloset and umm… not too great so far, but an attempt was made and that’s what matters, it’s practice for a real painting in the bedroom or living room. The outside garden beds failed, not just because of the extremely hot summer killing the plants but also I didn’t want to work outside with neighbors and contractors out and about, much to the dismay of the HOA I’m sure. But I feel like an inside garden and a few houseplants are better anyway. Last but not least, I will post a few handmade items in detail, no tutorials because I’m not at an expert level of crafting, but just for fun.  As usual, I will post the main content here, but I will also crosspost from my dreamwidth in case anyone is still following that account.

Stay tuned to this blog if you’re still interested in all that!

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