collage of interior of Teyvat Goods popup shop in Dallas Texas - Beiguang statue, shelf of goods and decor, the banner with the Liyue kids in modern clothing, another shelf of plushies

[event] Teyvat Goods pop-up shop in Dallas, Texas

I went to the Teyvat Goods pop up shop in Dallas, Texas on Sunday October 1. I found out about it on the official Genshin twitter a week before it showed up, so it was a tight turnaround. I didn’t have a new costume obviously so I just rewore concert Xinyan to grab some merch in the morning. As far as I know, the shop sold official merch that is distributed in the US, but they did have a limited release Teyvat Goods postcard with art of the Liyue kids in modern clothing, and maybe the bonus trading cards/stickers are special to the event (or at least not sold in wide release).

Because the majority of the merch seemed like official stuff minus shipping from China or shopping service fees, I wasn’t too worried about getting there early, I mostly wanted to get photos that I was there in case the shop never comes back to Dallas again. I know, I swore I wouldn’t go to an event after the Windblume festival but here we are lol. The drive downtown was harrowing from my city, as the State Fair was just starting that weekend, and I had to park in a church parking lot a block away, so there was a bit of finagling traffic there and back. I got there about 45 minutes after opening and there was only a short line of 4 people, however the 10 minute wait in the morning sun was still hot and did not get much better inside even though it was well air-conditioned. Because I was masked and wearing a wig.

Here are photos of the interior of the shop which had a Honkai Third Impact section. (I never played Honkai.)

collage of interior of Teyvat Goods popup shop in Dallas Texas - Beiguang statue, shelf of goods and decor, the banner with the Liyue kids in modern clothing, another shelf of plushies
[Teyvat Goods pop up shop, 2023]
Now for my expensive haul lol. I already had all the Xinyan merch they stocked so didn’t need to get those. They did have the bishounen guys shirt and keychains so I got the Kaeya keychain for my Kaeya collection. The bishounen shirt was wrapped in tissue paper which got stuck to the print, but it should come off in the wash I hope. I bought Baizhu and Al Haitham merch for the dendros I didn’t get in game lol. The postcards were freebies with purchase and I drew a Lynette badge and Hu Tao card (another character I don’t have in game). The star of the show is the Guoba tea mug and saucer and mat, it is sooo pretty and of course I have Xiangling in game. I didn’t have room for the massive but lovely statues, otherwise I would have gotten those too and save on shipping. Other merch of note is the Xiao clothing (sold out), the hilichurl seat cushion, Guoba purse and eye mask, Hu Tao purse, and of course the usual plushies, gift sets, prints, deskmats and stationary that you could probably get at other retailers.

Teyvat goods merch haul - bishounen dudes t-shirt, bishounen Kaeya keychain, chibi Al Haitham memo pad, Hu Tao trading card, Baizhu and Lynette badge, Guoba teacup set
[Teyvat Goods pop up shop haul, 2023]
They had a nice backdrop with a Yoimiya cosplayer and cardboard standees of various characters everywhere. I couldn’t get a good shot of the backdrop myself because it was so wide so I just went in and got the shop staff to take a somewhat awkward photo of me and the cosplayer, and Yoimiya also got a video of us that I was not prepared for lol. There was also a Katheryn cosplayer at the front booth giving away the freebies.

photo of myself in concert Xinyan cosplay with Yoimiya cosplayer in front of a Genshin backdrop with Zhongli and Xiao and Raiden cardboard standees.
[Teyvat Goods shop, 2023]
Overall it seemed like a well-organized shop typical of other limited goods events I visited, efficient and decorated as nicely as a warehouse space could be dressed up. Thankfully, I didn’t have to take a ticket and go back later which I was concerned about since that was not the nicest area of downtown. It was still filled to the max as people lingered inside, I felt a little bit stuffy and left right after I got my pics to go eat lunch and take a much needed nap. So I forgot to give away the rest of my Genshin buttons that I made (not that I had too many left but you know, every bit helps). Personally, I would have liked to see ultra-limited merch stocked, like the concert merch or the big slime plushes or even more cosplay accessories, but maybe they don’t have any stock leftover to sell. Anyway, I’m happy I got to go and hopefully there will be other events in Dallas (besides Windblume Festival which moved to another location), but if not, well, we had a good run!

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