[fashion] donut dress styling/try-on

Here is a styling and try-on post of the cotton donut-print dress I made from Otome no Sewing (original sew-along post here), in case you wanted to see it on a humany body instead of a mannequin! As mentioned, this cut of this dress is high-waisted and not exactly flattering, but so comfortable, or it would be had I used a softer cotton.

me posing in a pink multicolor donut one-piece dress, wearing a beige/pink totebag
[fashion, 2023]
[dress, headbow: handmade; hair clips, earrings, rings: various online lolita sellers I’ve already linked before; bracelet: Liz Lisa, Sephora; necklace: Q-pot; ring: Milk; socks, shoes: offbrand or Taobao; pig tote: dressy_deer on instagram]

Sorry for the blurry photo here, but this was the cutest shot of the tote bag and I had to include it. Yeah, I take tons of photos, yeah, I can only use a few of them. I’m not sure I like the headbow, it’s not dramatic enough for me, but I thought just the plain covered headband was too plain for this particular whole ensemble. If I just wore sneakers or sandals with minimal jewelry, then the plain headband is fine actually. Also one of the bracelets I’m wearing is actually a collab between Sephora and Museum of Ice Cream (I never went to this museum) and has dessert charms like a pink frosted donut and similar, some with lip gloss inside. It was the only themed accessory I own that matched color-wise, hahah. Also I’m not wearing circle lenses (or lashes or press-on nails) because I didn’t feel like it, didn’t use any filters, so this “natural beauty” result is a little plain when compared to my other coord shots, lol.

One more shot to show off the big and deep pockets I added to each side of the skirt, genius of me.

me wearing a pink multicolor donut dress with hands in my pockets and looking at my cute pink velvet shoes. just wanted to show the big deep pockets I added to the dress but front view looks meh
[fashion, 2023]
Anyway, I think an even sweeter coord with light or pastel wig or knee-high matching socks with brighter shoes or an ultra casual coord with less jewelry and maybe chunky white sneakers with lace trimmed crew socks would work best with this dress style. But since I am not a sweet lolita or plan to wear this out often, I’m not very bothered with an imperfect coord, just food for thought.

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